Governance Meeting Recap (6/26/21)

  1. Merchandise shop ideas
  2. Roadmap updates
  3. Setting up new proposals and all the parameters
  4. Weekly GovCom meetings on Saturday at 8PM PST and weekly votes or proposal debates
  5. Governance role (Ice Explorers) addition
  6. IceBox rules and exclusivity to the GovCom only
  7. Adding new Discord emojis for fun
  8. Making first round picks for the GovCom members
  • AlexanderKerm
  • FireStar
  • Djritz0
  • Leroy — added after the meeting
  • Choko Da Savage Legend — added after the meeting
  • Matthew (Unorgmilitia) — added after the meeting




Breaking the Ice on DeFi

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IceBreak-R Team

IceBreak-R Team

Breaking the Ice on DeFi

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