ICEBRK Contract Upgrade and Liquidity Migration Plan

IceBreak-R Team
2 min readJun 14, 2021

On June 23rd, 2021 at 8PM PST the IceBreak-R project will be performing our token contract upgrade and subsequent liquidity migration on Pancakeswap V2. Existing token holders will be required to swap their current balance for the new ICEBRK tokens using our swapping contract and MetaMask extension. The current tokenomics, total supply, price and liquidity depth will all remain unchanged. We expect to complete the entire redeployment and liquidity migration within a one hour time window, immediately following we will begin the token swap process and lock the liquidity pool for 11 more months, as well as the team and DAO tokens for 2 more months. The primary reason for the contract upgrade was the SwapAndLiquify flaw we detected in our smart contract soon after deployment, which can only be rectified through redesigning and redeploying a new contract.

Additionally the new contract will contain code to allow us to upgrade our Pancakeswap router address in the future, to prepare for the inevitable V3 upgrades that will be coming eventually. Upon migration we will also be able to access the stuck tokens from our existing ICEBRK contract address which will then be slowly added back into the liquidity pool by our new contract utilizing the SwapAndLiquify feature as intended. This action will also generate the Binance Charity Foundation funds that will be donated in the form of BNB tokens.

Essentially the swap process will be simplified into just a few steps:
1) Connect MetaMask to the BSCScan page we provide on 6/23/21
2) Perform execution of swap function call which sends your entire ICEBRK balance to the swap contract and returns exactly the same amount of new ICEBRK tokens to your address*
3) Add the new ICEBRK token contract address to your wallet to see the balance


Holders will need to download MetaMask to utilize our swap contract feature to perform the ICEBRK token swap, it will not interact with TrustWallet. You can quickly and easily import/recover your addresses from TrustWallet (or others) into the MetaMask wallet application using your private keys or seed phrase. Make sure to always download and back up all of your passwords, private keys and seed phrases before importing any new wallet addresses just in case! If you encounter any difficulty with this process please reach out to our IceBreak-R team in the main Telegram channel only. Beware of anyone posing as the team or “help desk” as there are scammers trying to take advantage of people in our community. We will NEVER ask you for your private key or seed phrase, so NEVER EVER enter this information on any website someone sends you to because you WILL lose all of your funds as a result!

I repeat DO NOT ever hand over your private keys or seed phrases to any website or person claiming to be IceBreak-R team… We will never ask for this information from you and anyone asking you for this information is guaranteed to be a scammer.