ICEBRK DAO Governance Platform Overview

The past week has been quite exciting for everyone- especially yesterday when we got listed on both and then were immediately able to upload our logo and price to Trust Wallet following that. We have had so many developments in such a short amount of time that its hard to keep up. The team also launched our brand new SwapDex at where you can easily track our token price and swap ICEBRK or any other BEP20 token.

This combination of factors brought in over 3,500 new token holders in just the past 48 hours! Absolutely astonishing project growth and it also propelled us to a new all time high. We cannot be more grateful for all the support that the community has shown us through everything and we hope to continue delivering on all of our promises and products.

The team was also able to establish and setup the DAO Governance platform over the last week ( which is currently undergoing community test voting. Once everyone has had a chance to try out the new platform design we will begin to have governance meetings with the committee which will then draft project proposals. To connect to the site simply use your Metamask or Trust Wallet, once on the DApp page you should immediately see your Web3.0 wallet address appear at the top. The voting is designed like multiple choice questions and you simply pick a choice then hit “Vote”. The wallet will pop up a message for you to sign and don’t worry it doesn’t cost anything in gas- that’s right not even a penny.

What is the purpose of the DAO you may ask? The Decentralized Autonomous Organization is going to be responsible for safeguarding the ICEBRK token project, shepherding the roadmap development and community involvement. The DAO Treasury will begin with 150 Trillion ICEBRK tokens as their initial funding once the DAO tokens are unlocked after their 90 day lockup period. These funds will be intended for various project upgrades and improvements deemed necessary by the governance committee members and the community voting. Any ICEBRK token holder may participate in voting and they will have a representative stake-weighted vote based on their ICEBRK token wallet balance. ICEBRK as a governance token will give power back to the community and allow them to shape the future of the project over time both with their ideas and with funding grants from the DAO. This will strengthen and improve the IceBreak-R project as the community will hold the DAO responsible for their actions through voting proposals.

We had initially intended to create a wallet balance threshold for governance voting, however this was not an option on the Snapshot platform. One of the most crucial requirements that we did create was the wallet balance threshold for drafting new voting proposals and we decided to set this at 2 Trillion tokens, and for approved/vetted accounts only. This is to align the project proposals with our longer term goals and not to those of random whales that happen to be holding our governance tokens. Voting proposals will be carefully designed and organized prior to creation and we intend to include the community in debates and informative meetings regarding these decisions or actions. Together we can help shape and guide the IceBreak-R token on the path to future success so if you are interested in being part of the governance committee contact the IceBreak-R team in the Telegram channel and we will get back to you.

Breaking the Ice on DeFi

Breaking the Ice on DeFi