Introducing The IceWall: Project Review Board and Advertising Partners

The IceWall is our new dedicated review page for vetted and trustworthy crypto projects. Here we will begin to offer some paid advertising slots for specially approved projects and websites that will generate ongoing revenue for IceBreak-R development. All funds received from the IceWall will go directly into our yield farming capital to generate daily revenue for ongoing project costs and to fund the advertising efforts. The three pricing tiers are as follows:

-IceWall Classic- Full project review and information display card on the page for 60 days (Cost 0.5 BNB first 60 days, extra 0.25 BNB per 60 days)

-IceWall Plus — Full project review and information display card on the page PLUS additional NFT advertisement slot in our Master Collection. This NFT will be permanently owned by your project (held by IceBreak-R) and can be sold or transferred in the future. (Cost 1 BNB first 60 days, extra 0.25 BNB per 60 days)

-IceWall Premium — Everything you get with “IceWall Plus” & IceBreak-R community AMA, Twitter & Discord announcement posts, technical analysis chart and project guidance review from IceBreak-R Team (Cost 3 BNB first 90 days, extra 0.25 BNB per 60 days)

Only reputable and trusted projects will be considered for our IceWall in order to protect our community from potential problems. Using our review board as a base we encourage people to research further into these hidden gems of the crypto world if they are looking to diversify their portfolios. Of course, all cryptocurrencies still carry a considerable amount of risk, so use common sense and manage your risk accordingly when it comes to investing or trading. Our IceWall is intended only to be a reference guide and starting point for crypto research, so act accordingly. We reserve the right to remove or delist any project later deemed to be unsafe or suspect at our discretion.

If you are interested in getting your project onto the IceWall please contact Lethal or Crypto305 in the Discord, Telegram or Twitter channels and beware of scammers we will never DM you first.




Breaking the Ice on DeFi

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IceBreak-R Team

IceBreak-R Team

Breaking the Ice on DeFi

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