Weekly Donation and Governance Meeting Recap (7/12/21)

IceBreak-R Team
3 min readJul 12, 2021

Yet another week of hard work behind the scenes as the crypto markets continue to consolidate in this sideways range. IceBreak-R team has been continuing to develop some of the smaller milestones laid out this month, such as the merch store and marketing expansion. We have also onboarded a new part time member to take over some of the social media work.

The GovCom meeting consisted of the core team plus a few of the top committe members. These were the primary topics of discussion:

  1. Staking contract implementation
  2. Marketing efforts and ideas
  3. Additional resources and IceBreak-R project use cases
  4. Market catalysts

The vast majority of the time spent during this meeting was on discussing a potential staking contract for ICEBRK tokens in the future. We were examining other popular projects out there that are utilizing staking features and weighing the costs vs benefits. Any staking contract we do create in the future will most likely utilize the existing reflect tokenomics in combination with a deposit or withdrawal tax fee structure.

The GovCom also discussed our most recent marketing efforts and ideas to continue expanding. We have always had the position here at IceBreak-R that we did not want to pay for shills or mass marketing campaigns, mainly because they are a tremendous waste of money and there are more scammers than legit services or people. It is extremely hard to get your moneys worth these days from marketing efforts so we have to be cautious about our spending.

There was a small amount of time spent talking about some more future use cases and project developments going forward. I would personally like to see IceBreak-R.com become an informational hub for crypto users to get the resources and tips they need to stay in the loop. This would in turn help to grow our community as it would draw in more site traffic.

Eventually there will be a market catalyst that will cause some sort of sizable move. I believe we are in fact on the cusp of mass adoption of crypto but it will take more time for the technology to progress. It is clear to me that there are plenty of regulatory changes to come as well as political shifts in sentiment. ICEBRK token is designed to grow stronger over time as the burn reduces circulating supply and our use cases only continue to expand.

Expect to see the ICESHOP open very soon- we are still in the process of creating and sampling new merchandise designs, so a full rollout is due by the end of the month. Buy IceBreak-R hats, shirts, hoodies and more! The ICEWALL is still under development as well as a few of our other top secret ideas so stay tuned.

Finally our weekly Binance Charity Foundation donation was for 0.67202 BNB ($210.47) (Click here for transaction ID)

Binance Charity Foundation