This week’s ICEBRK DAO governance meeting was especially important because we made our first round picks for the newly formed Governance Committee (GovCom). In our Discord channel ( you will see we have created several rooms dedicated to our governance topics, with a brand new *hidden* room- the IceBox. Inside…

The IceBreak-R project has completed it’s very first donation of 0.72405136 BNB tokens (approximately $208.24 USD) to the the Binance Charity Foundation ( on 6/26/21, using their donation page. The transaction is recorded below:

We intend to continue sending weekly contributions to the BCF donation wallet (0x8b99f3660622e21f2910ecca7fbe51d654a1517d) during our Saturday…

IceBreak-R Team

Breaking the Ice on DeFi

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